Dealing With Chemicals: A Corporate Plan

Chemistry is not just confounding high school students these days.

Corporate leaders are dealing with the complications of using  chemicals in an age where responsible leadership practices are expected, and where businesses are held accountable for how they impact consumer health and the environment. provides an updated tool for leaders that outlines green practices for dealing with chemicals. The “Corporate Toxic Footprint/Green Chemistry Benchmark” has 5 core elements and is related to a series of articles designed to help business leaders figure out where they are now, and what changes need to be made in order to manage chemicals responsibly. The article, “An Updated Benchmark for Corporate Green Chemistry Practices” written by Richard Liroff, includes links to other articles for leaders about dealing with toxic footprints.

An Updated Benchmark for Dealing With Chemistry Practices, Richard Liroff,

About Linda Fisher Thornton
Author of 7 Lenses, Speaker, Bringing Out the Best in People and Organizations Through Proactive Ethical Leadership, CEO Leading in Context, 2014 Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior, Adj. Assist. Prof. of Ethics and Leadership, UR SPCS

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