100 Trends to Watch For 2013

100 Trends to Watch for 2013By Linda Fisher Thornton

100 Trends to Watch For 2013

As we head into 2013, the trend reports at the links below will give you a “business leader’s preview” of what to expect in sectors that range from consumer trends,  human resources, leadership and marketing to color, food, and technology. Enjoy!

10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2013, Trendwatching.com

Our 10 Trends for 2013 in 2 Minutes, JWT Intelliegence, JWTIntelligence.com

7 Hot Trends in Social Media Marketing, Mashable.com

Four Trends for the Future of Leadership Development, CCL, LeadingEffectively.com

Social Media Marketing Trends Collection, Priit Kallas, Dreamgrow.com

Challenges Facing HR Over the Next Ten Years, Society for Human Resource Management, shrm.org

The New Consumer Agenda, 2013-2015, Peter Fisk, Slideshare.net

The Future of HR, Tom Haak, Scoop.it

Global Trends for 2013: A top 10 for business leaders, Thomas Malnight and Tracey Keys, TheEconomist.com

Top 10 Food Trends for 2013, Phil Lempert, SupermarketGuru.com

Hot Restaurant Menu Trends For 2013, Lisa Jennings, nrn.com

Gartners Top IT Predictions for 2011-2015, CIOInsight.com

Can You Spot These 13 Sustainability Trends For 2013?, Julie Urlaub, Taigacompany.com/Blog

November 2012 TrendBriefing: PRESUMERS, trendwatching.com

5 Digital Trends Shaping the Consumer Experience, Macala Wright, Mashable.com

Color Trends 2013, BenjaminMoore.com

Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With Non-Government Experts, Federation of American Scientists, fas.org

Glimpse The Future of Work: Future Work Skills 2020, Apollo Research Institute, ApolloResearchInstitute.com

Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World, US Director of National Intelligence, dni.gov

If you want even more information, visit the Leading in Context Strategic Leadership and Leadership Trends pages on Pinterest for trends related to leadership and leadership development.

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