Many leadership books provide information, but 7 Lenses is different – it provides deep insights that change the way you see the world and your role in it.

Readers report that they can make sense out of complex ethical situations and have a compelling way to “see” ethical leadership that has powerful positive effects on their leadership and their lives.

Using 7 Lenses to develop leaders raises levels of moral awareness, improves ethical decision-making and strengthens ethical culture. 

Organizations animated by purpose and guided by core values and a strong ethical culture thrive in the long run.”   

—- Jim Fulton, LRN, 2020

Who’s Using This Groundbreaking Book?7LensesStanding

  • Businesses, universities, non-profits and government organizations use it to develop ethical leaders
  • University Professors use it to teach ethics, leadership, sustainability and corporate social responsibility to undergrad, grad & MBA students
  • Teachers and Parents use it to help teens develop ethical thinking skills and a global world view

How Will We Benefit From The 7 Lenses® model?                                         

  • Increased awareness of the breadth and scope of ethical responsibility
  • Multidimensional view with 7 perspectives on ethical responsibility (that are all important)
  • Clear shared framework for ethical conversations and decisions
  • High-level view of the complexity of ethical problems and responsibility to constituents
  • Proactive approach that helps prevent ethical problems and builds lasting trust. 

Make 7 Lenses Part of Your Plans This Year:

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7 Lenses is deepening the conversation in organizations across sectors and across borders, in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership®

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