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Linda Fisher Thornton, Award-Winning Author of 7 LensesHelps Groups Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership.


Selected Speaking Topics:


Decoding the Complexity of “Doing the Right Thing”

  • The challenge of defining “what’s right” in a highly complex global society

  • The path to competitive advantage leads through ethical values

  • Seeing through 7 Lenses® of Ethical Responsibility

  • Applying the 7 Lenses to see ethical issues clearly

Developing Ethical Leaders (Who Can Handle Complexity)

  • The current leadership gap and where leaders need to be

  • Leading through complexity requires higher level thinking

  • 11 paths to ethical leadership competence

  • Practical strategies for developing ethical leaders (who can handle complexity)

 The 7 Lenses® of Ethical Leadership based on Thornton’s book 7 Lenses

  • Why we define ethical responsibility in so many different ways

  • Seeing through 7 Lenses of Ethical Responsibility

  • Applying the 7 Lenses to ethical issues in the news

  • How to use all 7 Lenses in daily leadership

The Future of Ethics and Business Leadership

  • Trends in leadership: a powerful movement toward leading with values

  • How we need to change our leadership to respond to increasing expectations

  • Profile of the successful leader of the future

  • How to get there: Practical strategies for developing ethical leaders

Leading For Ethical Culture, High Trust and Exemplary Performance

  • Individual and organizational benefits of building an ethical culture

  • What to cultivate (Enabling Factors) and what to weed out (Disabling Factors)

  • What trustworthy leaders know and do

  • How to manage ethics as a human performance system

Attendees Say: 


“novel”           “intriguing”           “thought-provoking”         “fresh”  


“a new way of looking at leadership as a whole”


“a great framework to use to get clarity!”      


“powerful”             “relevant”           “broader awareness”


“magnificent perspective”          “eye-opening”


“opened up a lot of discussion”     


“re-energized me”             “new ideas”            “very helpful”


“the most comprehensive decision aid I’ve seen”


“Clarity on a complex subject, a sense of structure for thought and discussion”


“Insight into ethical leadership and ability to see different views on it”


“Dialogue with others in the room to learn their perspective”


“Got me thinking about ethics and how to start those discussions in my organization”




Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership®

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