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Hello, I’m Linda Fisher Thornton.

27881-059-Edit-004The Movement I’m leading to Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership® is gaining momentum and I’m hearing from people asking how they can get involved and help spread the word.

If you are a supporter of ethical leadership and want to Join the Movement, here are some great ways to get involved:

  1. Read and share the Free Manifesto “What Ethical Leaders Believe” with everybody on your list! 
  2. Follow @leadingincontxt and @7Lenses and share your favorite Tweets and posts with your network.
  3. Read 7 Lenses (Warningpeople report that their understanding of good leadership is forever transformed), If you gain powerful insights from it, recommend it to others.
  4. Post comments at and share how the tools provided here have helped you.
  5. Lead through the 7 Lenses every day, setting an example for others!

Join the Movement to Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership®

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