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Linda Fisher Thornton is an author and speaker on ethical leadership. Her 7 Lenses and 14 Guiding Principles together give leaders a holistic picture of “good” leadership that seeks mutual benefit for multiple constituents. This is her story…



My mission is to Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership.

I found that the current ways of teaching and learning “good leadership” didn’t include the whole picture. 

After three years of research, I wrote the book 7 Lenses that gives a compelling picture of ethical leadership (in all 7 dimensions of responsibility).

Previously, I served as Chief Learning Officer and Senior Vice President for a Virginia bank. With a Bachelors in Linguistics and Communication Studies from the University of Virginia and a Masters in Adult Education and Human Development from George Washington University, I also teach applied ethics and leadership as Adjunct Associate Professor for the University of Richmond SPCS. 

My work includes writing, blogging, speaking with leader groups, consulting with organizations and delivering 7 Lenses® workshops. I live in Richmond, Virginia with my husband and children.

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