7 Lenses

7 Lenses

   This Ethical Leadership Book is an Axiom Business Book Award Winner 

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— Amazon Best Seller in Kindle Business Ethics Books

— Amazon Kindle Top Rated Book in Business Ethics 

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Foreword by Stephen M. R. Covey


  • Upgrade your thinking

  • Learn the ethical nuances of leadership through 7 Lenses & 14 Guiding Principles

  • Learn how to lead in ways that build lasting trust

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“Throughout 7 Lenses, Fisher Thornton invites leaders to think beyond themselves, and communicate openly about ethical responsibility and how to take action in our connected, interdependent world. Ultimately, the 7 Lenses and 14 Guiding Principles are meant to be transformative, and to release positive energy into the workplace, creating great places to work. ”      ActionableBooks.com     


“‘Decisions based only on profit and convenience do not lead us to a better world,’ writes Linda Fisher Thornton, who teaches in SPCS. Her book offers principles for ethical leadership that produce results and transform communities.”          University of Richmond Magazine 


“In 7 Lenses, Linda Fisher Thornton provides a strong framework for leading through the various ethical dilemmas people encounter in the workplace and life in general.”    ValuesBasedLeader.com 


“Thornton provides plenty of thoughtful discussion that fleshes out her lenses and how to use them. It’s a very useful book and provides a constructive way of viewing problems.”       Talking Ethics Blog


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Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership®

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