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“Leaders that live their values and scale them will create organizations with the resilience to navigate this complex, rapid-fire, disruptive world.” 

—-World Economic Forum, 4 Concerns That Keep CEOs Awake at Night

                                                                                                                                            7 Lenses® Interview Series

Interviews and Podcasts Based on the Book 7 Lenses

Linda Fisher Thornton’s podcast interview on the TimeCamp Stay on Top of Your Work Podcast

» Linda Fisher Thornton Interviewed on NBC Channel 12 for an RVA Parenting segment.

 » Tal Shnall and Cheri Essner interview Linda Fisher Thornton about her book 7 Lenses

» Interview on Federal News Radio “In Depth With Francis Rose” about Linda’s article in Government Executive Magazine “How to Build a Strong Ethical Culture at Your Agency.”

» On-Air Google Hangout Interview With Christopher Avery, Partnerwerks, Inc. “Ethics and Leadership”

 » A Networked Wealth Interview with Will Eisenbrandt

PODCAST Interview “Linda Fisher Thornton, Author of 7 Lenses” January 28, 2014 (No Longer Available)

» A Closer Look Radio Interview With Pam Atherton

RADIO INTERVIEW “Ethical Leadership” November 20, 2013 (No Longer Available)

For more (including print interviews) see Media Mentions.

Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership®

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