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7 Lenses® Interview Series

Interviews and Podcasts Based on the Book 7 Lenses



» Linda Fisher Thornton Interviewed on NBC Channel 12 for an RVA Parenting segment.


 » Tal Shnall and Cheri Essner interview Linda Fisher Thornton about her book 7 Lenses

» Interview on Federal News Radio “In Depth With Francis Rose” about Linda’s article in Government Executive Magazine “How to Build a Strong Ethical Culture at Your Agency.”

» On-Air Google Hangout Interview With Christopher Avery, Partnerwerks, Inc. “Ethics and Leadership”


 » A Networked Wealth Interview with Will Eisenbrandt

PODCAST Interview “Linda Fisher Thornton, Author of 7 Lenses” January 28, 2014

» A Closer Look Radio Interview With Pam Atherton

RADIO INTERVIEW “Ethical Leadership” November 20, 2013


For more (including print interviews) see Media Mentions.

Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership®

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