Tools For Readers of 7 Lenses 

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7 Lenses® Decision Making Worksheet  

Put a decision or action through the 7 Lenses to get the full ethical picture.

Assess Your Ethical Expectations 

Assess your organization’s message about the scope of ethical responsibility.

7 Lenses® Discussion Guide

Explore how you will apply what you learned in the book, and determine next steps.

“What Ethical Leaders Believe” designed this manifesto written by Linda Fisher Thornton. It describes the deep beliefs of the ethical leader.

7 Lenses: Learning the Principles and Practices of Ethical Leadership

The clear framework in this book will help you understand and apply “good leadership” in 7 different dimensions (that are all important). Get a holistic picture of the future of leadership and the 14 Guiding Principles to honor all 7 Lenses in daily leadership. Axiom Business Book Award Winner

Resources For Improving Leadership, Organized by Topic

Explore articles and resources for learning proactive, high level ethical leadership.

Blog Index (Over 500 Articles About Ethical Thinking, Ethical Decision-Making and Leadership!)

Workshops, Webinars, Keynotes, Master Classes, Leadership Development Programs, Presentations, Retreats, Seminars, Forums, Breakouts, Lunch and Learns, Executive Book Clubs

Help your leaders stay ahead of the curve as ethical expectations continue to increase.


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