Traps in How We Think About Leading: The Case of Focusing Too Much on Budget

Thinking About Decision-Making and Choosing Filters : Should You Give Back Unused Budget Money? If we don't think about how we want to make leadership decisions, then the crisis of the moment becomes our filter for making decisions. When the economy is unpredictable and profits are lower, the budget is often the crisis that becomes the thinking filter. It's dangerous to make important strategic decisions just based on money and just based on a short-term crisis. In the case below, see how different the outcome is when using strategic long-term thinking versus crisis-response short-term thinking.

Case Study: Think Before You Blame (the Culture May be the Cause)

When we are faced with a business problem that involves ethics, the easy way out is to blame someone. That appears to remove the pressure of actually solving the problem. But organizational problems are complicated and rarely have one simple cause.

Case Study: Is Withholding Information From Other Leaders Unethical?

Is it unethical to withhold information?  Let's use a case study to explore the question. "Company in the Process of Releasing a New Product" We are in the process of fine-tuning the product and getting ready to train employees on how it  works and what…