Consumer Trends: 5 Things Brands Should Know

We've seen many articles about ethical consumerism, conscious capitalism and the responsible consumer. The bottom line is that consumers continue to expect much more from brands than an honest and perfectly executed transaction. This week, I share a high level view of 5 key things brands should know to be successful in reaching responsible consumers.

Scrutinize Suppliers for Ethical Business Practices

The ethics of our business includes things that don't happen at headquarters or in any of our sites, but that go into the the making of the final product or service that the customer purchases. Prudent leaders check the ethics of their suppliers and partners.

Ethical Leadership Matters Now, More Than Ever

Linda Fisher Thornton's Guest Column that appeared in Monday's Richmond Times Dispatch explains the quickly changing landscape of ethical leadership, why the ethical leadership movement is gaining momentum, and why ethical leadership matters now, more than ever. "Ethical Leadership Matters Now, More…

New Business Rules: Are You Ready to Compete?

Will you be ready to compete in the new arena? The consumer is choosing products differently, and even "doing without" more often. Businesses are racing to catch up with the new expanded expectations for responsible leadership in 2010 and beyond. CEOs…

Leadership and Filters: Consumer Shopping Filters Have Changed

This is the first post in a new category called "Leadership and ..." which will include research, trends and new ways of thinking that impact organizational leadership. One of the interesting things in our sector, if you look at media and technology and…