Leadership Isn’t Cushy (Human Development Required)

By Linda Fisher Thornton There's a powerful connection between responsible leadership and human growth and development. It's not easily visible to leaders, so today I'm digging into how these important variables intersect and how they should inform our approach to leadership development.

Top 10 2020: Leading in Context Blog

By Linda Fisher Thornton Of the 52 individual posts published on the Leading in Context Blog in 2020, these 10 were the most popular. See if you notice a theme that connects these new topics that readers accessed most frequently.

The Complexity of Ethical Thinking and Decision Making (Part 6)

By Linda Fisher Thornton

This series has explored 5 important spheres of Ethical Thinking and Decision Making. 

This week I'm summing it up in a checklist that will help you apply all 5 to your daily choices. When you are making a key decision, run it through the checklist to be sure you have considered all 5 important dimensions. 

5 Insights Into Leadership Development Future (Part 4)

By Linda Fisher Thornton

This post is Part 4 in the series "5 Insights Into Leadership Development Future."

The previous posts in the series in case you missed them:

Part 1 on Global Trends

Part 2 on Wholeness

Part 3 on Growth and Human Development

In Part 4, we take a look at positive ethical values and the search for meaning.

What is “Good Food” (In an Ethical Sense)?

By Linda Fisher Thornton What is "Good" Food? I was reading an article that ranked food products, and I began to think about how many different variables define "good" or "best" when we're talking about food products. One variable is…

Global Sentiment About Taking Responsibility

By Linda Fisher Thornton

A clearer picture of global ethics is coming into view. In this clearer picture, we know what's important and see how far our responsibilities extend into the global community. We understand that business leadership includes responsibility for much more than just making a profit and obeying the law.

Ethical leaders have begun to realize how connected our global community is. Customers for our products may live in 50 or more countries. Product parts may be made in multiple countries, each with different laws and regulations.

Proactivity, Performance and Potential

By Linda Fisher Thornton
The Manifesto

This week, I want to continue to explore the mindset behind The Leading in Context® Manifesto. Here is an important quote from it about the positive impact of ethical leadership:

"Imagine the potential. What could we accomplish if we proactively developed ethical leaders and an ethical culture? Unleash the performance potential of our people? Transform our organizations? Improve lives and communities? Change the world?"

Reflections on Respecting Differences

Quotations About the Importance of Respecting Differences I hope that you enjoy this collection of quotes about respecting differences. Notice how many different compelling reasons for respecting differences are included - some from unexpected sources! Toward no crime have men…

Leading For Ethical Performance

Discouraging Unethical Leadership

The senior leaders in an organization need to work together to create an organization where ethical leadership is rewarded and unethical leadership is quickly corrected.

To build an ethical organization over time, Chief Learning Officers can work with leaders throughout the organization to build ethical competence in areas that support effective communication and leadership.

Ethical Leadership and…Vitamin D Deficiency

In my research I found that Vitamin D3 deficiency is being studied as a possible missing link in the research about a number of diverse health problems including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Autism, Cardiovascular Disease, Asthma, Dementia, Depression and Cancer. It is being talked about as a factor in our DNA being able to naturally repair itself (see the details in the articles and links below).