70 Trends to Watch in 2019

By Linda Fisher Thornton Each year I curate a list of sites that write about trends that will change how we do business in the coming year. This year's list includes some ongoing trends from last year and some fresh ideas and new directions. Take a look at the 70+ trends at the links below and start getting ready for what's ahead!

Use It Or Lose It

By Linda Fisher Thornton I recently started studying the German language again, relearning it a little bit every day. I studied it for years as a teen, and lived in Austria for a summer as a young adult. While I was once fluent, I haven't practiced regularly and have become rusty over the years.  It doesn't take long to begin to lose vocabulary, grammar and confidence if we're not using a language regularly. Losing fluency gradually over time brings to mind what happens to our leadership if we're not learning new things every day. 

Everyone is a Stakeholder at Some Level

By Linda Fisher Thornton "Everyone is a stakeholder at some level, and all stakeholders are important. We should consider all  stakeholders as we lead – those we serve, those we lead, the powerless, the silenced, the planet, and all of humanity."  I shared this important statement in a previous post - it was an aha moment from a Tweetchat I guest-hosted on Leading With Ethics. To reflect on where you are in the journey to leading with the mindset that "everyone is a stakeholder at some level," explore the answers to these important questions: 

20 Quotes To Inspire Leaders in the New Year (Part 2)

By Linda Fisher Thornton Are your leaders prepared for the year ahead? Each day will bring new challenges. To succeed within ethical boundaries, they'll need a clear picture of "good leadership." This series includes 20 quotes (linked to posts with leadership guidance) to inspire you and help you improve your leader development. Part 1 included the first 10. Here are 10 more:

There Are No Quick Fixes For Ethics

By Linda Fisher Thornton I have been thinking about how lightly some leaders take the subject of ethics. Some ignore ethical issues altogether or think ethical issues are unimportant compared to money concerns. It’s a risky choice to take ethics lightly. Why? There are no “ethics transplants” for people who have made bad ethical decisions. We are responsible for our choices. If an ethics transplant did exist and we could easily start over, imagine how long the waiting list would be for that procedure! Since there is no quick fix for failed ethics, we need to protect our ethical reputations carefully, and choose to stay on an ethical path. In our global society, where almost anything can be obtained for a price, you can’t buy ethics.