Adaptation and Controlling Leadership Can’t Coexist

By Linda Fisher Thornton Leaders who solve complex problems need a special blend of qualities - the curiosity to untangle the variables, the persistence to keep trying, and the openness to change beliefs and strategies as answers emerge from the chaos. 

Focusing on Profits? Watch Out For the “Blinder” Effect

By Linda Fisher Thornton We need profits to exchange goods and services, pay bills and grow our businesses. So what's the problem with it? The problem is that profitability cannot become our defining business goal, and it cannot replace values as the central beacon of our decision-making.

Ethics and Trust are Reciprocal

By Linda Fisher Thornton I was asked recently to explain in simple terms how ethics and trust are related. It is a great question, because we define trust and ethics in so many different ways. Here are some observations about how trust and ethics are related, and what their relationship means for us as organizational leaders.

What Does Ethical Consumerism Mean for Business?

What is Ethical Consumerism? Ethical consumerism means that more customers are choosing to purchase goods that are ethically sourced, ethically made and ethically distributed. In her article "Ethical Consumerism and Conservatism: Hand in Glove" in the Heinz Journal, Jacqueline Payne describes the ethical consumer this way: