Get News Closer to the Source

By Linda Fisher Thornton

We have a “spin” problem in the media and it’s out of control. Many media channels have decided that clicks, and the dollars they generate, are more important than journalistic integrity. So we end up with people getting what they think is “news” when what they are actually getting is from sources of “infotainment” and they are using that bad information to make bad decisions (and even in some cases to commit crimes).

The shocking truth is that infotainment sources that incite anger, violence and lawbreaking do not care about you. They are using you as a pawn for their own financial gain. Many “infotainment” providers take the real news from reputable sources and “spin” it to give their audiences what they want to hear, whether or not it’s true, in the quest to make more money. This is unethical, and it is a classic case of putting money before ethics. It’s having huge negative repercussions in our society, increasing discord and violence in the quest for the almighty dollar.

Here’s the big question – “Are you part of this problem or part of the solution?” Are any of the sources you read unethical infotainment? Use this list to find out (but keep in mind that new ones spring up quickly and not every channel may be listed here). Here’s how to tell if a channel is not on this list but still problematic: When you see a headline that’s startling, take time to think. Check out the real story on the most objective new sites – consult the ones at the top of the graphic find out if it’s true (or just another channel sharing clickbait to make money). Use the more objective sites to be sure the story is not just clickbait trying to lure you in. Check to see if the story has been debunked on a fact checking website.

Make a commitment today to get your news closer to the source. Don’t let greedy infotainment channels steal your attention and manipulate you for their own gain. Choose objective, responsible news sources and spread the word so others don’t get caught being pawns in this unethical money game that harms us all.

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