Teach Every Child These 5 Things

By Linda Fisher Thornton

Our successful shared future depends on how we raise children now, as they will become our future leaders. There is no way to know which children will be the ones to solve the problems our current leaders are unwilling and/or unable to solve in the future. How we teach and inspire them now will impact their ability to interact with others, make good choices in their lives, and later lead others in ethical ways.

If you are a teacher, parent, grandparent, friend, medical professional, librarian, coach, scout troop leader, or other important person in a child’s life, please have this conversation with them. We’re counting on you.

  1. Disagreeing is healthy if it’s handled respectfully. Peaceful protests are healthy ways to express concern. Violence is not an acceptable response. It’s what happens when people are fearful or want to control others. Responsible people use healthy, non-violent ways to work out differences.
  2. Everybody matters. Every human has human rights and should be treated with respect and care. Animals have emotions, and also deserve to be treated with respect and care. Life is precious.
  3. The world is full of all different kinds of people, and you are wonderful just the way you are. If someone says you’re not, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. It means that they are insecure about themselves. Don’t let someone else’s rude or unkind comment directed at you make you feel bad.
  4. We rely on nature to provide our oxygen and food. Treating nature with care keeps us healthy. Our natural world provides our sustenance, and is also a source of inspiration and relaxation. We need to protect and care for it.
  5. We all have enough when we share. People who have more than they need can share it with others who don’t have enough. Sometimes people who have more than they need don’t want to share it with others, but most people really do want to help others. When we act as part of a community, we help each other thrive.

When every child knows these five things we will be in a better position to create a shared future that works for all. If you like, look for children’s books that address these issues to start the conversation.

Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership


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