“has breathtaking clarity”


“a gem”

“clearly outlined”       



“invaluable ethical leadership roadmap”

“well written”    

“easy to apply”


“asks penetrating questions”      

“well-articulated and case illustrated”

“helpful framework for considering thorny ethical issues”


“will lead to a re-definition of ethical leadership”

“in my Top 10 Leadership books of all time!”      

“a treasure”  

“excellent book – long overdue”



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7 Lenses
Book Reviews

“In 7 Lenses, Linda Fisher Thornton provides a strong framework for leading through the various ethical dilemmas people encounter in the workplace and life in general.”         ValuesBasedLeader.com 

“Thornton provides plenty of thoughtful discussion that fleshes out her lenses and how to use them. It’s a very useful book and provides a constructive way of viewing problems.”       Talking Ethics Blog

“‘Decisions based only on profit and convenience do not lead us to a better world,’ writes Linda Fisher Thornton, who teaches in SPCS. Her book offers principles for ethical leadership that produces results and transforms communities.”            University of Richmond Magazine (page 11)

“I found this book to be a good read on ethical leadership behavior.  It is worth adding to your Leadership library and testing out it’s ethical conduct actions on your organization.” The Ryde Guy

“Throughout 7 Lenses, Fisher Thornton invites leaders to think beyond themselves, and communicate openly about ethical responsibility and how to take action in our connected, interdependent world. Ultimately, the 7 Lenses and 14 Guiding Principles are meant to be transformative, and to release positive energy into the workplace, creating great places to work. ”      ActionableBooks.com     


Testimonials From Goldsmith, Goulston, Conley, Avery, Ferrazzi!

“Oscar & Felix, Laurel & Hardy, Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller – odd couples or matches made in heaven? In her new book 7 Lenses, Linda Fisher Thornton challenges us to take a deeper look at how ethics and leadership not only go well together but also how they are inextricably connected to the others’ success.” — Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinkers50 Award Winner For Most Influential Leadership Thinker in the World


“This book is a thought-provoking look at ethical responses to leadership challenges. I highly recommend it as a tool for having meaningful discussions with leaders in your organization.”

–Dr. Mark Goulston, M.D., Co-Founder of Heartfelt Leadership and Author of International Best-Seller Just Listen

“Thank you, Linda! It’s about time we got past the simplistic rule-based do’s and dont’s approach to ethics that ties us in can’t-win knots. 7 Lenses offers just the type of principle-based ethics leaders can use to take responsibility for the greatest number of wins across diverse contexts.”

–Christopher Avery, Founder and President, Partnerwerks, Inc.

“I appreciate a business book that not only discussed business, but also how to build a better world. Well done. Linda.”

— Keith Ferrazzi, NYTimes Bestselling Author of Who’s Got Your Back

“7 Lenses is a CEO must-read for gaining a fresh perspective on ethical leadership and what it can mean to the success of your organization.”

–Chip Conley, Founder Joie de Vivre Hospitality and Fest300 and NY Times Best Selling Author of Emotional Equations

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