150th Blog Post – Learning Out Loud

Humble Blog Beginnings

The journey to a 150th blog post starts with a single post.

This blog had a very humble beginning back in 2009. I had decided to start a blog and took a WordPress class at the University of Richmond. The possibilities were promising.

Then came those nagging thoughts…

300th Blog Post: Answering Big Questions About Ethical Leadership

By Linda Fisher Thornton

I have spent the last six years answering the big leadership question “What does it mean to do the right thing?” The support, the unsolicited testimonials and the social shares of this work have been widespread and global. Could it be that the world is ready for a clear answer to this important question? I wrote the book 7 Lenses because I believed that we needed a clear answer to what it meant in a global society. I believed that the answer had to be there, somewhere, if studied the question across disciplines, religions and geographic boundaries. It was a question worth taking on. With a clear understanding of leadership responsibility, and a common language for talking about it, we could get down to business in ways that also improved lives and communities. We could make a powerful positive difference through our leadership.

200th Blog Post – Learning at the Speed of Life

By Linda Fisher Thornton

In my 150th Blog Post, I wrote about starting a blog and being new to the process of Learning Out Loud. To celebrate my 200th post, I want to reflect on what it’s been like to learn new things faster than I ever thought possible. It seems especially clear to me now that we all have capabilities we’re not using in our day to day lives. But imagine what could happen if we believed we could make a difference, lurched toward that goal unsteadily, and then just held on for the ride.

12 Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

Annual favorites – the posts that readers enjoyed and shared and that I think best convey an important message about how to Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership™ in ourselves and our organizations.

600th Blog Post: 10 Leadership Lessons Learned

By Linda Fisher Thornton

I’ve been blogging for 12 years, after making a very rocky start on March 5, 2009. If I had let my early failures determine my future, I would never have made it to this point, celebrating 600 posts on the Leading in Context Blog. Today I’m sharing 10 Leadership Lessons I’ve learned since starting this blog in the hopes that they will inspire you to press forward in your important work.

400th Post: The Journey to Meaning (Growth Required)

By Linda Fisher Thornton

I didn’t set out to become a top blogger or thought leader. I set out to answer a question. In the process of answering the question, I started a journey that has changed my life.

There’s no fairy tale story here (is there ever?). It wasn’t all by conscious choice, and it wasn’t always a logical progression. It happened the way that life happens to all of us.

Is Needing to Be “Right” Unethical?

by Linda Fisher Thornton

We Like to be “Right”

Why do we sometimes abandon civility? One reason is that when the discussion gets heated, sometimes we just like to be “right.” And sometimes we abandon civility to try to prove that we are.

Leaders & Social Media: 5 Reasons to Engage

Leaders and Information Overload

In today’s world of work, we have to

keep up with an overwhelming amount of information
scan trends and forecasts and
incorporate the needs of multiple stakeholders into good solutions.
Our job is to make sense out of all of it in order to make work life easier for those we lead. Since the world changes fast, we have to learn fast… and share it fast with our employees…and adapt to what we’ve learned. Social media has become the fastest information media available, tackling emerging issues long before mainstream publications do.