Ethics at the Intersection

Why is it such a challenge to determine how we interpret "ethical leadership?" Because there are many different ways of determining what we consider to be ethical. Even while trying to be responsible we can still miss the mark by a mile. Consider some of the possible ways that a leader might interpret ethics.

People-Based “Ethics”: The Mindset Behind it

The Trouble With Using Only People-Based "Ethics" Being concerned about people is a very important aspect of ethical leadership. The trouble with using only a people-based definition of "ethics" is that by using the impact on people as the only way to make decisions we may be ignoring these other variables: The impact of our business operations on the planet The long-term unintended consequences of our choices The changing consumer mindset toward sustainable business and avoiding harm

100th Blog Post: The Ethical Leadership Training Challenge

This graphic is a wordle of the article "Ethical Leadership Training: Why is it So Hard to Get it Right?" which was published in the September 2009 issue of Training and Development by the American Society of Training and Development and then was reprinted in its Best of Leadership 2009: Leadership Development issue. The full article is posted on the LeadinginContext®.com website:

Curiosity and Imagination Necessary Ingredients in Ethical Business

What happens in business environments where curiosity and imagination flourish? How are curiosity and imagination related to ethics and business leadership? How are curiosity and imagination important in today's business environment?

Ethical Leadership: C-Suite Problems Should Be Corrected Quickly

Why Does C-Suite Behavior Matter So Much? C-Suite behavior matters because people do what they see the senior leaders do. If employees see dysfunctional behaviors among senior leaders, they assume that there is complete acceptance of those dysfunctional behaviors throughout the organization and see it as a "green light" for them to use those same behaviors whenever they like.

Highlights From The Donchian Symposium: Evolving Perspectives on Ethics

The Donchian Symposium: Evolving Perspectives on Ethics, held recently at the University of Richmond, was a groundbreaking cross-disciplinary look at how cultural perspectives on ethical leadership are changing. Presenters raised emerging issues and cultural challenges related to ethics in ways that…

Planned Obsolescence: Is it Ethical? No. Can We Still Have the Newest Gadgets? Yes!

Is Planned Obsolescence Ethical?  Every business should know its position on this important question.  Do you know yours? Many companies have the technology to make products that last far longer, and choose not to use it. You know what comes next…