Is Our Ethics Who We Are Or What We Do?

By Linda Fisher Thornton This week's question is about what defines our ethics - "Is our ethics based on who we are or what we do?" Some people would argue that we have a persona, a manner, either ethical or not. Others would say that it is our decisions and actions that define how ethical we are, and therefore our ethicality changes from moment to moment.

Advice For Leaders: John Mattone Blog Interview

By Linda Fisher Thornton This week I am honored to share with you an Expert Interview that I did for the John Mattone Blog at This interview explores my business journey and includes advice for leaders about learning and applying ethical leadership. It addresses issues that concern leaders including: qualities of ethical leaders the multidimensional nature of ethical leadership learning ethical thinking identifying ethical leaders measuring leadership success

Want To Thrive in Leadership Future? Tether Yourself To Values

By Linda Fisher Thornton It would be "easy [...] for organizations and leaders to become frozen by the magnitude of the changes under way" (McKinsey & Co., Management Intuition For the Next 50 Years). Success in future leadership requires being nimble and adaptive, flexing with constant change, and being ready for anything. How should we stay grounded as we avoid crises and manage our way through a maze of increasing expectations?

Making a Difference in the World

There is More to Leadership There is much more to leadership than being at the front of the room during a meeting, or being the one to make the big decisions. I find that the most rewarding part of leadership is making a difference - in people's lives, in the community, or in the world. While making a difference may seem like a lofty goal, consider these examples of how much difference one person on a mission can make:

Possibility, Service and Making a Difference

By Linda Fisher Thornton Recently, I released the Leading in Context Manifesto, a bold statement of belief about the kind of ethical leadership that I believe we need to use every day. Today, I want to explore the mindset behind the Manifesto. It opens with this statement about our purpose as leaders: "We are here to focus on what's right and what's possible, not on what's historical or convenient. We are here to serve others, not to profit from their vulnerabilities. We are here to make a positive difference, through intentional leadership and responsible choices." The Leading in Context® Manifesto