Ethical Interpersonal Behavior Graphic: Red, Yellow and Green Zones

How We Treat Each Other Matters

There has been quite a bit of concern expressed recently in the blogosphere about the need for respectful behavior in the workplace and in our day-to-day interactions with one another.  Those of you who have expressed concern about harmful behavior, please let me know if this context graphic is useful in providing clear boundaries for interpersonal behavior.

Three Zones of Interpersonal Behavior

The graphic shows three color-coded zones of interpersonal behavior. The green zone  says “go – this behavior is ethical,”  the yellow zone cautions “this level is the ethical floor – don’t go below it,” the red zone says “stop – this behavior is not appropriate in the workplace.”  The full 17-block version of the diagram designed to be used as a training handout is available in the Leading in Context® Store.



For more, see Linda’s book 7 Lenses and the 21 Question Assessment: How Current is My Message About Ethics?

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