70 Trends to Watch in 2019

By Linda Fisher Thornton Each year I curate a list of sites that write about trends that will change how we do business in the coming year. This year's list includes some ongoing trends from last year and some fresh ideas and new directions. Take a look at the 70+ trends at the links below and start getting ready for what's ahead!

Leaders, Why You Need Disequilibrium (Part 2)

By Linda Fisher Thornton This post is Part 2 in a series. In case you missed the first one, here is 450th Post: Leaders, Why You Need Disequilibrium (Part 1). In the first post, I explored why leaders need to embrace disequilibrium. In Part 2, I explore how disequilibrium helps leaders deal with catastrophic change. Disequilibrium Drives Adaptation Accepting disequilibrium instead of trying to fight it, we can turn our attention to figuring things out as the landscape changes around us.

Will 2018 Be The Year?

By Linda Fisher Thornton As a global community, we have learned some things this year. Business leaders have learned that ethical leadership transforms organizational metrics. Global citizens have learned that values are the most important defining characteristics of nations, and if we don't operate from a base of values we descend into conflict and chaos.  Perhaps 2018 will be THE YEAR.

A Message of Hope

By Linda Fisher Thornton Thank you, friends, for reading and sharing this Blog in 2016. I appreciate all the ways you have helped forward the movement toward authentic ethical leadership. Only by bringing out our best as leaders are we able to bring out the best in those we lead. As we head into this holiday season, I wish you hope.Hope is what keeps us going when problems seem impossible to solve, when time is short, and when solutions are distant. If your hopefulness should ever falter, remember these important words: