Strategic Thinking for Business Leaders Has Changed

Strategic thinking in business isn’t what it used to be.

To thrive in today’s business world, leaders need to use a new type of thinking that is broader than traditional strategic thinking, that includes  “…ways of seeing and acting that acknowledge that the world is a chaotic, deeply interdependent place, a place that won’t yield to attempts to overpower it.”  Why We Need New Ways of Thinking by Barry Boyce

Our old strategic thinking was based on the concept of the world as orderly and controllable. But Barry’s article describes chaos, complexity and interdependence as the new ways of life. So the ways that we think about strategy  need to change dramatically. If you have struggled with information overload or with problems too complex for groups to define even after repeated meetings, then you are feeling this change.

Tom Peters has written an excellent resource for leaders that details the new strategic thinking paradigms that you need to know – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Strategy.


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