Ethical Office Supplies:Ethical Product Rankings Make Comparisons Easier

Are You Using Ethical Office Supplies? 

The products you choose can help define you as an ethical business. It is becoming easier to choose ethical office products using websites that rank product ethics.

The Good Office Guide 2008 – This guide includes detailed ethics ratings for companies that sell office equipment and supplies, and a guide to how to choose ethical office products.

The Good Guide – This guide gives ethical ratings for soaps, snacks and other general supplies.

There’s no longer any reason to purchase blindly based on the quality of the advertising. Ethics scoring helps you choose the most ethical product available in the price range that you have chosen.



For more, see Linda’s book 7 Lenses and the 21 Question Assessment: How Current is My Message About Ethics?
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About Linda Fisher Thornton
Linda Fisher Thornton is Founder and CEO of Leading in Context, and author of the award-winning book 7 Lenses. She teaches as Adjunct Assoc. Prof. for University of Richmond SPCS. She is leading a movement to help leaders and organizations Unleash the Positive Power of Ethical Leadership.

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