“Good Products”: Beyond Convenience and Flavor

What is a “Good Product?”

We could define a “good product” a number of different ways. For example,

  • tasty
  • convenient
  • clean
  • colorful
  • nutritious
  • appealing
  • well-designed
  • useful
  • portable
  • visually appealing
  • functional
  • engaging

What About an Ethical Product?

If we add ethical considerations, the list also includes:

  • sustainably-made
  • free from harmful ingredients
  • safely packaged using non-toxic packaging
  • minimally packaged
  • sustainably distributed
  • responsibly sold
  • truthful in advertisements and labeling
  • tested without harming
  • produced using fair labor
  • produced using ethically-sourced ingredients
  • produced using minimal or zero production footprint
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