How Many Really Great Leaders Have You Worked For?

By Linda Fisher Thornton

How many really great leaders have you worked for?

If we’re very lucky, we will have had the chance to work for great leaders in most of the jobs we’ve held. However, when I ask people how many really great leaders they have had, they usually have to think pretty hard to come up with one or two.

I have been curious about whether or not what I’m hearing is representative of the general population. If we can’t think of more than one or two really great leaders out of the many jobs we’ve held – what does that say about the state of leadership?

So here’s a quick poll. Think back to the great leaders you’ve had in all of the jobs you’ve ever had, starting when you first held a job.  These are leaders who brought out the best in you. They demonstrated the highest ethics.  They made work fun and let you know you were a valuable member of the team. They encouraged individual and team accomplishment and helped you learn from mistakes. They inspired you to do more than you thought you could.

Answer the poll below and let’s see how the numbers really look. After you vote, click “View Results” to see what others are saying.

We should all work toward being the kind of leader that could be counted in this poll as a great one. Here are some questions to guide us on our journey.

What are we doing each day to intentionally be a great leader? 

What more could we do?

How would doing more make a difference in the lives of those we lead?


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  1. Dear Linda
    Your opening statement is somewhat of an idealist statement, the paradox of what is leadership is beyond the comprehensive ability of mankind, i.e. nobody really has it, nobody has really achieved it, and nobody ever will master it, thats why it remains so exclusive. Doctor Derek J Ambrose.


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