A Message of Gratitude

By Linda Fisher Thornton

There have been several great leaders who helped me grow, and who inspired me to want to lead others. This message is for them:

“Thank you for being a great leader. You may never know just how deeply your kindness and support have impacted my life. When I felt like giving up, you encouraged me. When I was overwhelmed, you directed me. When I hit the wall, you showed me how to climb it. When I was at my best, you stood back and let me fly. When I did great things, you celebrated and never tried to take any of the credit. I learned how to be a light for others by your example.”

Take a moment, in this season of giving thanks, to share a message of gratitude with a leader who has changed your life and inspired your leadership.

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  1. Thank you Linda for a thoughtful piece to share at this time of year. All of my leaders were my contemporaries and have passed away over the last several years, some as recently as a month ago or less. Little did they know how they shaped my life as it is today and I miss them very much. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.


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