5 Things Grateful Leaders Do

By Linda Fisher Thornton

Today I’m exploring two important questions: “What do grateful leaders do that sets them apart from other leaders?” and “How does expressing gratitude benefit them?

  1. Grateful leaders thank people for all the good things they do (even if they’re not perfect)
  2. Grateful leaders open their hearts and minds to the amazing capabilities others bring to the group
  3. Grateful leaders keep their perspective and reflect on what is going well, even when times are difficult
  4. Grateful leaders acknowledge that positive interpersonal behavior can make or break a team’s success
  5. Grateful leaders think about the opportunities they have to make a difference in the lives of others

Being thankful is an important virtue advocated by Cicero as the parent of all the other virtues. Read on to learn more about how being grateful can transform your life and leadership.

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