AI: Where Are We Now? Report via EDUCAUSE

By Linda Fisher Thornton

Managing the ethics of artificial intelligence is only becoming more complex over time, and the stakes are high for finding a path forward. This week I am sharing a special report “AI: Where Are We Now?” published by EDUCAUSE. This timely report includes an article I wrote for the EDUCAUSE Review titled “Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Accountability.”

The article (on pages 8, 9 and 10 in the EDUCAUSE Special Report) explores the intersection of AI and ethical accountability and provides practical guidance, closing with Five Steps IT Departments Can Take to Manage the Ethics of AI.

“While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a potential game-changer for improving efficiency, it may also come with ethical baggage. John O’Brien, president and CEO of EDUCAUSE defines digital ethics as “doing the right thing at the intersection of technology innovation and accepted social values.” IT departments that want to tap into the benefits of AI can’t assume that AI-enabled products and services on the market will live up to that definition.”

Linda Fisher Thornton, Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Accountability, in EDUCAUSE Special Report Artificial Intelligence: Where Are We Now?

Read the Full EDUCAUSE Special Report Here.

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