Leadership Isn’t Cushy (Human Development Required)

By Linda Fisher Thornton There's a powerful connection between responsible leadership and human growth and development. It's not easily visible to leaders, so today I'm digging into how these important variables intersect and how they should inform our approach to leadership development.

How Are You Using Your Influence?

By Linda Fisher Thornton With leadership responsibility comes a certain amount of influence. We can impact how people think. We can advise them on the choices they make and invite them to follow our lead. “Leadership is not about titles,…

Leaders: Can You Control Ethics?

By Linda Fisher Thornton

The question for today is "Can we control ethics?" Leaders have tried to control ethics with compliance-based systems (based on rules and penalties) but that does not tend to inspire people to ethical action. Leaders have tried to control ethics by running a tight ship, closely managing workers, but that does not bring out the best in people and may lead to workers not caring about protecting the company's reputation. 

Rethinking “Smart” Leadership in an Ethical Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton

This week I'm looking at what it means to be a "smart" leader through the 7 Lenses (introduced in the book 7 Lenses) to get the full ethical context. Take note: You can do this with any idea, concept or project to better understand the ethical nuances.

Prevention or Cure? Your Choice

By Linda Fisher Thornton

Senior leadership teams and boards have a choice. In their ethics strategy, they can focus on prevention or cure.

The cure approach is reactive and messy. It involves waiting for something bad to happen, then scrambling to do damage control. Then you have to build an ethical support system (perhaps at the insistence of a regulatory body) to prevent it from happening again.

The prevention approach is proactive and positive, and it helps prevent those messy problems. It involves building the ethical support system up front, while things are going well.

Let’s Talk About Trust

By Linda Fisher Thornton

In January of each year, Trust Across America-Trust Around the World announces its annual list of trust thought leaders. I recently received the news that I am in the 2016 Top Thought Leaders in Trust!

To celebrate the news, I am sharing a collection of some of my favorite blog posts about trust building. Use these posts and the questions they raise in your meaningful conversations about how to improve the trust in your workplace.

How Does Struggle Shape Us as Leaders?

By Linda Fisher Thornton

On the journey to ethical leadership, we all struggle.

We struggle to make ethical choices when there are multiple stakeholders to consider.

We struggle to balance competing interests, high expectations, information overload and overbooked schedules.

We struggle to be at our best in difficult circumstances.

Making Decisions Like Global Citizens

By Linda Fisher Thornton

Character is important, but leading ethically in the fullest sense requires much more than just demonstrate good character. In this 2 minute video, I describe 7 different perspectives that you may be hearing around the table as you discuss ethical dilemmas in your organization. Instead of being competing perspectives, each one is an important element of the full picture of what it means to lead ethically in a global society.

The Leading in Context® Manifesto

By Linda Fisher Thornton

This week I am featuring The Leading in Context® Manifesto - a clear statement of what I believe and the movement I lead. It is a stake in the ground, a powerful statement of how we can build the kind of ethical leadership that builds successful companies, successful communities and a better world. If you like it, please help spread the word.