What is the Ultimate Goal of Leadership?

By Linda Fisher Thornton What is the ultimate goal of leadership? This is an interesting question that seems simple enough at first, and then begins to get tricky as we think more about it. The tricky part is that we can't answer it in one simple statement. Is it to provide direction and show the way? Is it to respect and serve? Is it to support others and remove obstacles? Is it to teach and mentor? Is it to help bring out the best in those we lead as we work toward a common purpose? Of course, leadership is about all of those things and more. So what is its purpose? Here are four very different ways of thinking about the purpose of leadership.

Ethics Training Shouldn’t Be Boring

Ethics Training Shouldn't be Boring Keeping people engaged in the process of learning about ethical leadership is important. I see so many tweets from people attending ethics classes about how bored they are and how they already know the material that's being reviewed. Are these participants learning? Or are they being given information that covers some area of perceived risk but has no value to them in their day-to-day worlds?