400th Post: The Journey to Meaning (Growth Required)

By Linda Fisher Thornton I didn't set out to become a top blogger or thought leader. I set out to answer a question. In the process of answering the question, I started a journey that has changed my life. There's no fairy tale story here (is there ever?). It wasn't all by conscious choice, and it wasn't always a logical progression. It happened the way that life happens to all of us.

Do Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?

By Linda Fisher Thornton I don't particularly like the quote "Good things come to those who wait." This quote, attributed to British author Violet Fane (Mary M. Singleton) in 1892, may be true but it leaves out important parts of the story. Good things may come to those who wait, but only after certain important conditions have been met:

Leaders, Don’t You Care? (9 Red Flags That Tell Employees You Don’t)

By Linda Fisher Thornton One of the hallmark requirements of ethical leadership is that we CARE about people, about their success, and about creating a positive work environment. If leaders fail to demonstrate that they care, that harms the culture. The 9 behaviors below are red flags for employees - pointing out that a leader doesn't care.

5 Insights Into Leadership Development Future (Part 3)

By Linda Fisher Thornton This is the third installment in a series "5 Insights Into Leadership Development Future" Each post in this series will address a trend in leadership development and offer tangible actions for helping leaders. In case you missed them, here are the previous posts:

What Does “Good Leadership” Mean?

By Linda Fisher Thornton We need to talk openly with leaders about what "good leadership" means. Without those conversations, they might think it means making the sales numbers and meeting aggressive work deadlines, being knowledgeable when people come to them for help, or staying within budget. Those things are all important, but "good leadership" requires much more.

350th Post: A Zoom Lens Won’t Help You See “Good Leadership”

By Linda Fisher Thornton Leadership is multifaceted, but leadership books are not often written about that. Many use a "zoom lens" approach to take you very close to one aspect of leadership. This close-up view can be helpful for fine-tuning our leadership skills, but then we may begin to think that this close-up view is all there is to good leadership.

Do Differences of Opinion Set Off Your Threat Detector?

By Linda Fisher Thornton Differences of opinion can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. We may be in a discussion with someone who has very different views from ours, on a topic of great importance to us. How we handle it shows others the inner workings of our character.