Lead With Questions, Not Answers

By Linda Fisher Thornton Leaders Ask The Hard Questions While it's tempting to try to "have the answers," good leaders instead ask the hard questions. They may be questions for which the world does not have workable answers. They may be questions that help reinvent a company or industry. They may be questions that must be answered now to prevent problems in the future. They may be questions that generate a much needed dialogue.

Wishing You Joy

Extending Joy to You This Holiday Season Joy is not something we simply hope for or wait for. It's something that we create through our everyday actions and relationships. As we celebrate the Holidays and enter the New Year, I hope that you enjoy the timeless quotes about joy that follow. Notice how these reflections on joy tend to focus on gratitude, imagination, open-mindedness and service.

What is Ethical Leadership?

By Linda Fisher Thornton This collection from reader favorites on the Leading in Context Blog will help you explore the scope and dimensions of today's ethical leadership. As you will see, ethical leadership requires much more than following laws and regulations. We have to take on a global mindset and an openness to learning, and much more.

Twitter Helps Leaders “Think Global”

Twitter helps us learn to "think global" in a connected global society. It can transform us and the way we do business. It keeps us current, connects us with a global network of information and provides real-time data. I've sprinkled in some statistics along with my own observations about the learning benefits of Twitter.

Leading Ethically Through Complexity: How to Prepare Leaders

Developing Business Leader Future In response to the post "Business Leader Future: A Sketch" Graham posted a question about how we support leaders who are learning to lead in the ways described in that post. ♦ Here are some of my thoughts on how to help business leaders lead ethically through the complexities of their role: