Leading Ethically Through Complexity: How to Prepare Leaders

The Leader of the Future
In response to the post “Business Leader Future: A Sketch” Graham posted a question about how we can support leaders who are learning to lead in the ways described in that post. It seemed difficult for some readers to imagine a single leader being able to handle complexity so responsibly in a fast-paced global business arena.  One reader described the leader in the sketch as a “saint.”
How to Help Leaders Prepare to Handle Complexity
I spent some time thinking about what Senior Leaders and leadership development professionals can do to be sure that their leaders are learning the kind of leadership that is in such high demand now, and will be essential for success in the future.
My list of “10 Practical Ways to Help Leaders Lead Ethically Through Complexity” is below. What would you add?
10 Practical Ways to Help Leaders Lead Ethically Through Complexity
1.   Help them learn to embrace complexity
2.   Help them learn to respect others
3.   Help them learn to respect differences
4.   Help them learn to respect the environment
5.   Help them understand global trends
6.   Help them understand their ethical responsibilities
7.   Help them learn to think like a global leader
8.   Help them understand the importance of learning and adapting
9.   Help them understand the importance of service to others and society
10. Help them embrace social media and socially connected learning


For more, see new book 7 Lenses and the 21 Question Assessment: How Current is My Message About Ethics?

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  1. Liked the 10 Points enumerated for assisting Leaders. Probably, a bit of spirituality for building/ developing an ethical leadership will incorporate most of these points and many more, like compassion,humane and proactive attitude, shorn of ego, to make him/her a better global ethical leader.


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