Ethics-Rich Leadership: Why We Need It

By Linda Fisher Thornton I was originally going to used the words "ethics-infused leadership" in this post, but I realized that would treat ethics a little bit like a lime twist in a cold drink. The drink would hint of lime, but it wouldn't be FULL of lime. So I chose to use "ethics-rich" leadership instead. I think you may already be looking for the ethics-rich leadership I'm talking about. 

Ethics Isn’t Finite: It’s Evolving

By Linda Fisher Thornton As we strive to build ethical organizations, we must remember that our target is moving. As the world changes, ethical expectations change. It would be easier to develop ethical leaders and build ethical organizations if ethics were a fixed destination. A point on the map. A line in the sand. But it's just not that simple. Ethical expectations are evolving.

About This Blog and an Opportunity to Help Shape it

This blog was started in order to help leaders find cutting edge, research-based, practical tools for improving leadership and leadership development in today's business world.  The focus is on ethical, results-based leadership. "There are a variety of reasons why CLOs are finding…