Are You Squeezing Every Drop Out of Your Talent?

By Linda Fisher Thornton You may have been thinking that this post was going to be about how to get your people to do more and to achieve more. It is about that, but not in the way you might think. In my experience, when the leader improves, everybody can do more. Bear with me as I describe for you how you can get the most out of your people by squeezing every drop out of YOUR OWN talent and potential.

5 Warning Signs Of Oversimplified Ethics

By Linda Fisher Thornton Leaders and organizations can get into real trouble if they oversimplify ethics. Some examples of what that might look like include lonely ethics statements (that look good on paper but are not brought to life) and grand statements (that are vague and not well understood). Here are 5 warning signs to watch for that signal an oversimplified approach to ethics:

11 Paths To Ethical Leadership Competence

By Linda Fisher Thornton Developing competent ethical leaders is a huge challenge. Why is it so difficult? We live in a globally-connected society, and are expected to be globally-aware. We are dealing with catastrophic change and uncertainty. We fill roles in many different settings including in our organizations, industries and communities. Competence in all of these areas is not simple to achieve.