Leading in Context LLC Publishes “Ethical Implications of How Leaders Perceive Different” Module

“Ethical Implications of How Leaders perceive Different” is a nine-page eBook designed to enhance leadership development programs by providing a thinking context for ethical leadership. Published by Leading in Context LLC.

Case Study: Think Before You Blame (the Culture May be the Cause)

When we are faced with a business problem that involves ethics, the easy way out is to blame someone. That appears to remove the pressure of actually solving the problem. But organizational problems are complicated and rarely have one simple cause.

Convergence of Leadership Challenges

In my consulting and teaching, I have observed the convergence of a number of diverse forces that create pressure on leaders.  No, not the level of challenges that include tighter deadlines and leaner staffing. Bigger challenges, like how to think through a problem with a group,…

Leadership Resolutions for 2010

There are many forces making it difficult for good leaders to succeed. Increasing Pace of Work, Volatile Economic Times,  Constant Change, Employees Seeking Meaningful Work, Leaner Staffing... Which leaders will successfully work through these problems in the new year? The ones that: Work Smarter,…

OpenCourseWare Helps Businesses Afford Leadership Development

MIT is offering high quality handouts and exercises for businesses to to use in corporate education - free.  MIT OpenCourseWare includes actual MIT teaching materials from previous years, including leader notes and handouts. Using  high quality MIT handouts and exercises will add credibility to your leadership…