Leaders & Social Media: 5 Reasons to Engage

Leaders and Information Overload In today's world of work, we have to keep up with an overwhelming amount of information scan trends and forecasts and incorporate the needs of multiple stakeholders into good solutions. Our job is to make sense out of all of it in order to make work life easier for those we lead. Since the world changes fast, we have to learn fast... and share it fast with our employees...and adapt to what we've learned. Social media has become the fastest information media available, tackling emerging issues long before mainstream publications do.

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As of today, after over 100 posts, these are the  Top 10 Most Popular Leading in Context® Blog Posts: Planned Obsolescence: Is it Ethical? No. Can We Still Have the Newest Gadgets? Yes! Case Study: Is Withholding Information From Other Leaders…

Are Sustainable Businesses Ethical?

Are All Sustainable Businesses Ethical? Are all sustainable businesses ethical? Not necessarily. There are ways that sustainable businesses can operate unethically, including pretending to be more sustainable than they really are, or making decisions that are dishonest or cause harm. Sustainability is multi-faceted and is just one of many areas of concern in leading an ethical organization.

Judging and Bullying: Are They Different?

What is Judging? If each person's view is different from the views of others, then what is judging? A limited worldview that only allows the views of one person or group Promoting one's own thinking as the "perfection" of thinking An attempt (intentional or not) to make ourselves look smarter by belittling another person or group An attempt to control the behavior and thinking of others or groups

Leadership and… Conventional Wisdom

Sticking to yesterday's conventional wisdom can make us out-of-date, because it helps us ignore any information that contradicts our beliefs. It can lead us to make decisions based on out-of-date ways of thinking, and that may result in missed opportunities or even to bad decisions that can harm others. In this case, even though we do not set out to make bad decisions, the consequences of those decisions are just as real. BE OPEN TO CHANGE, WILLING TO CHANGE AND WILLING TO THINK DIFFERENTLY!

de Klerk’s Powerful Message: Conquering Fear in The Quest for a Shared Future

I was honored to have the opportunity to hear F. W. de Klerk speak in person last week when he visited the University of Richmond and spoke at the Jepson Leadership Forum about his role in ending apartheid in South Africa. In his remarks he said many powerful things about leadership in a global society. The one that struck a chord with me most was about "radical change."

Leadership and…Making Responsible Choices

5 Ways to Make Responsible Choices. Author's Note: This week's post is designed as a discussion-starter for leader groups and leadership classes. To use it that way, have each leader read the articles in advance, then discuss how to apply the 5 Ways when you gather as a group.

The Ethical Leadership Puzzle: A Broader View

There are companies that are winning categories in one aspect of ethical leadership (CSR, Sustainability, or Human Rights for example) and then being cited for violations in another aspect of ethical leadership (CSR, Sustainability, or Human Rights for example). The fact that it is happening illustrates the point that "ethical leadership" is broader than many companies think it is.

5 Unethical Phrases: Low Trust

How we treat people is an important part of ethical leadership. It is also a critical part of building trust in the organization. These 5 phrases signal that the speaker may not be treating other people in the company respectfully and may not be considering the ideas and concerns of others when making decisions:

Definition of “Top Brands” Evolving: Ethical Business Rankings Inform Purchasing Consumers

Will there be a convergence between the current "top 100 brands" and the "most ethical brands?" Brands that are the most ethical will continue to draw consumers wanting to support ethical business. Those consumers now have many sources of information to use in making purchasing decisions. Businesses - prepare to be ranked on ethics!

A Profitability Focus Signals Short-Term Thinking

A pure profitability focus is based on an outdated cause-and-effect model, a belief that we can control our profit with our choices and that those choices are more important than our constituents and the impact of what we do on our economic system, our environment and our local and global communities.