The 7 Lenses Story – A Closer Look Radio Interview

By Linda Fisher Thornton ThorntonI am honored to have had the opportunity to do a radio interview with Pam Atherton of A Closer Look Radio. She invited me to talk with her about my new book 7 Lenses: Learning the Principles and Practices of Ethical Leadership. In the interview she asked questions that some of you may have about ethical leadership, and I walked listeners through the book's framework for leading ethically in a complex world (click below to listen).

Leadership Responsibility: The Movement

Leadership responsibility is multidimensional, and cannot be described in one or two words. Fortunately, that level of complexity is not stopping a number of leaders and organizations from taking the lead in demonstrating what it means to take responsibility in leadership.

Making a Difference in the World

There is More to Leadership There is much more to leadership than being at the front of the room during a meeting, or being the one to make the big decisions. I find that the most rewarding part of leadership is making a difference - in people's lives, in the community, or in the world. While making a difference may seem like a lofty goal, consider these examples of how much difference one person on a mission can make:

A Learning Journey That Brings Out Our Best

By Linda Fisher Thornton The Manifesto How is ethical leadership a learning journey? "Ethical leadership transforms profits, people, the planet, communities and the world. Ethical leadership is not something on our to do list that we can check off as completed. It is an ongoing individual and organizational journey. This learning journey will bring out the best in all of us." The Leading in Context® Manifesto

Proactivity, Performance and Potential

By Linda Fisher Thornton The Manifesto This week, I want to continue to explore the mindset behind The Leading in Context® Manifesto. Here is an important quote from it about the positive impact of ethical leadership: "Imagine the potential. What could we accomplish if we proactively developed ethical leaders and an ethical culture? Unleash the performance potential of our people? Transform our organizations? Improve lives and communities? Change the world?"

The Leading in Context® Manifesto

By Linda Fisher Thornton This week I am featuring The Leading in Context® Manifesto - a clear statement of what I believe and the movement I lead. It is a stake in the ground, a powerful statement of how we can build the kind of ethical leadership that builds successful companies, successful communities and a better world. If you like it, please help spread the word.

Responsibility and Respect (The 4th and 5th R’s)

Children Need to Learn Responsibility and Respect Two key principles (in addition to the 3 R's) that children need to learn in order to to live a successful life are responsibility and respect. As we teach knowledge and information, these areas need to be taught through an ethical frame of reference.

“Dial it Back” (Over-Solving Problems Can Be Unethical)

By Linda Fisher Thornton Sometimes out of fear, convenience, profit (or marketing promises) we use a solution that goes way beyond what is necessary to solve the problem. There are broad ethical implications of over-solving problems, and this post will explore some of them.

Compliance With Laws Isn’t Ethical Leadership (There’s More)

By Linda Fisher Thornton Beyond Compliance I have intentionally avoided using the C-word (Compliance) in most of my posts, and I decided that it was time to explain why. In this post I'll explain why laws are not enough, and why complying with laws does not mean that we are leading ethically.

What Variables Impact How Freely We Extend Trust?

By Linda Fisher Thornton The recent post Should Trust Be Freely Offered or Conditionally Earned? generated lively discussions in LinkedIn Groups about extending trust when we meet someone new. It was clear from the discussions that trust has many different dimensions, and that those dimensions are perceived differently by different people.

What is Conscious Capitalism?

By Linda Fisher Thornton What is Conscious Capitalism? In last week's post, I explored how Ethics Means Acting Beyond Self Interest. This week, I’ll explore the same question at the organizational level. What are an organization’s ethical responsibilities? How is conscious…