Ethical Leadership Questions for the New Year

By Linda Fisher Thornton Ethical leadership is evolving, and expectations are increasing. As we get closer to the New Year, here are some questions to ponder:

Perspectives on a Future With COVID-19

By Linda Fisher Thornton Due to the uncertainty and constant change we're experiencing during the pandemic, every organization should be considering how to adapt to multiple COVID-19 scenarios. Global futurists have already provided us with a variety of possible global scenarios to use in our planning.

5 Questions For Leaders Seeking Insight In The New Year

By Linda Fisher Thornton

Grateful For The Conversation

Many thanks to Leading in Context friends and followers for a wonderful 2015. I am grateful for the lively global conversation about the leadership we need for a better future. I appreciate your active involvement in the movement. Special thanks to all of you who have shared my blog posts and let me know what you want to learn more about in the future.

Some thoughts as we head into a new year:

Leadership Resolutions for 2010

There are many forces making it difficult for good leaders to succeed. Increasing Pace of Work, Volatile Economic Times,  Constant Change, Employees Seeking Meaningful Work, Leaner Staffing... Which leaders will successfully work through these problems in the new year? The ones that: Work Smarter,…