What Makes a Successful Leader?

This is a working paper by Richmond, Rollin and Brown on leadership, emotional intelligence and personality type. It includes findings on what makes a succesful leader, and how your view on that question may vary depending on your MBTI type.

Click to access what-makes-a-successful-leader-report.pdf

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  1. I strongly agree that the best leaders need to be able to adapt to the different individual styles within their groups. I have not personally done research on preference clarity. You may want to contact the author of the article or check out some of the current research on pychological testing at http://www.apa.org/science/testing.html.


  2. I can see how varying personality Types will see different answers to that question. Those of us in the ‘ST’ zones will see a leader as someone who is grounded in current thought and will make decisions based on an internal system of what is right and wrong.

    Those in the ‘NF’ zone will see a leader as a visionary who considers other people’s feelings when making decisions. That type of leadership style would drive me nuts as it is contrary to my internal belief system.

    I think the most effective leader is someone who can adapt to the personalities of everyone in the group. Does your research look at the preference clarity index at all? Your magnitude of personality…. That would be interisting to look at. Perhaps persons more rigid in their personality will answer the question differently that someone lightly in their Type.

    I scored as an ISTJ when I took my Myers Briggs Test.


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