“Leadership Ethics Training: Why is it So Hard to Get it Right?”

“The headlines are full of stories about unethical leaders. We know from following those stories that unethical leadership can ruin a company. Why, then, are experienced Chief Learning Officers having difficulty implementing effective training in Leadership Ethics?”

My article “Leadership Ethics Training: Why is it So Hard to Get it Right?” featured in the September issue of Training and Development Journal explains why it is so difficult for Chief Learning Officers to know how to develop ethical leaders within their organizations.

As detailed in to the article, there are a number of factors that make it difficult for CLOs to come up with solutions. “There are a variety of reasons why CLOs are finding that the leadership ethics problem is not easily solved:  The definition of leadership ethics is still unclear; its scope is broadening, making it a moving target; ethics is hard to talk about; and the most useful leadership ethics programs are company-specific. So, we have an unclear topic that is in flux, on a subject that is itself a “grey area.” We have a general discomfort talking about the subject, and an off-the-shelf training program isn’t going to fix the problem.”

As the definition of “ethical leadership” continues to evolve, CLOs will need to stay on top of new skills that will be required of leaders at all levels in their organizations.

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