Leading in Context LLC Publishes “Ethical Implications of How Leaders Perceive Different” Module

“Ethical Implications of How Leaders perceive Different” is a nine-page eBook designed to enhance leadership development programs by providing a thinking context for ethical leadership. Published by Leading in Context LLC.

Definition of “Top Brands” Evolving: Ethical Business Rankings Inform Purchasing Consumers

Will there be a convergence between the current "top 100 brands" and the "most ethical brands?" Brands that are the most ethical will continue to draw consumers wanting to support ethical business. Those consumers now have many sources of information to use in making purchasing decisions. Businesses - prepare to be ranked on ethics!

Sustainable Everything: What C-Suite Leaders Need to Know About the New Thinking

The growing sustainability mindset is not industry-specific or topic-specific. It is showing up in industries as diverse as foods, fashion and construction. While some industries are tending to dismiss this change in consumer behavior as a trend that will pass, others have realized that the movement is deeply rooted and that they will be at a competitive disadvantage if they don't respond.

Respecting People and Ideas Fuels Business Innovation

To encourage innovation, business leaders need to demonstrate respect for all ideas, regardless of the source. Ideas and emerging trends that some would consider to be "on the fringe" are often important in the next wave of innovative products.

Scrutinize Suppliers for Ethical Business Practices

The ethics of our business includes things that don't happen at headquarters or in any of our sites, but that go into the the making of the final product or service that the customer purchases. Prudent leaders check the ethics of their suppliers and partners.

Highlights From The Donchian Symposium: Evolving Perspectives on Ethics

The Donchian Symposium: Evolving Perspectives on Ethics, held recently at the University of Richmond, was a groundbreaking cross-disciplinary look at how cultural perspectives on ethical leadership are changing. Presenters raised emerging issues and cultural challenges related to ethics in ways that…

Ethical Leadership: Perceptions of “Different” Impact Our Behavior

"DIFFERENT" How we think  as leaders directly impacts our behavior.  It compels us to act based on the value judgements we make. Today's post focuses on how we perceive "different,"  how our perceptions change our leadership, and how our leadership changes the work environment in ways…

Five Unintended Consequences of Linear Problem-Solving

Systems Are Not Linear When solving complex business problems, it helps to remember that systems (including organizations) are not linear. Thinking of them as linear leads to easier one-dimensional decisions but ignores these things that we know about systems: systems are dynamic systems are adaptive systems have complex contexts (they connect with many other systems) Unintended Consequences of Linear Problem-Solving

5 Unethical Phrases: Refusing to Change

Leading ethically requires staying competent as a professional and as a leader. The speed of change in today's global economy may cause leaders to fall behind even while they are diligently working to stay on top of trends and industry knowledge. These 5…

5 Unethical Phrases: Ignoring Boundaries

Boundaries can be simply described as lines that we don't cross when doing business.  Respecting these (sometimes clear, sometimes hazy) boundaries is an important part of today's ethical leadership. The 5 phrases below signal that the speaker is ignoring an important ethical boundary:…

5 Ethics Reports and One Message: Ethics Matters

The Ethics Resource Center has posted a collection of 5 well-written ethical leadership research briefs on its website. Ethics.org The research briefs address issues in ethical business leadership including employee engagement, trust, culture, risk management, and generational differences.       For more, see new book 7 Lenses and…