Modeling Ethical Leadership and Behavior

It is simultaneously a burden and an opportunity for us as leaders to model ethical behavior. It is a burden in that we must work hard to ensure that we are using the highest ethics. it is an opportunity in that by using ethical behavior brings out the best in us and those we lead.

A Learning Journey That Brings Out Our Best

By Linda Fisher Thornton The Manifesto How is ethical leadership a learning journey? "Ethical leadership transforms profits, people, the planet, communities and the world. Ethical leadership is not something on our to do list that we can check off as completed. It is an ongoing individual and organizational journey. This learning journey will bring out the best in all of us." The Leading in Context® Manifesto

Proactivity, Performance and Potential

By Linda Fisher Thornton The Manifesto This week, I want to continue to explore the mindset behind The Leading in Context® Manifesto. Here is an important quote from it about the positive impact of ethical leadership: "Imagine the potential. What could we accomplish if we proactively developed ethical leaders and an ethical culture? Unleash the performance potential of our people? Transform our organizations? Improve lives and communities? Change the world?"

Possibility, Service and Making a Difference

By Linda Fisher Thornton Recently, I released the Leading in Context Manifesto, a bold statement of belief about the kind of ethical leadership that I believe we need to use every day. Today, I want to explore the mindset behind the Manifesto. It opens with this statement about our purpose as leaders: "We are here to focus on what's right and what's possible, not on what's historical or convenient. We are here to serve others, not to profit from their vulnerabilities. We are here to make a positive difference, through intentional leadership and responsible choices." The Leading in Context® Manifesto

The Leading in Context® Manifesto

By Linda Fisher Thornton This week I am featuring The Leading in Context® Manifesto - a clear statement of what I believe and the movement I lead. It is a stake in the ground, a powerful statement of how we can build the kind of ethical leadership that builds successful companies, successful communities and a better world. If you like it, please help spread the word.