What is Meaningful Leadership? (Part 2)

By Linda Fisher Thornton What is meaningful leadership? In Part 1 we explored how leaders create meaningful work settings so others can excel. In Part 2, we look at a leader's own quest for authenticity as a factor in meaningful leadership. What is Meaningful Leadership? A Quest For Authenticity Meaningful leadership is focused on authenticity, not just acquisition. That requires seeing beyond just portfolio growth to human growth. It means learning to see how the two are connected.

What is Meaningful Leadership? (Part 1)

By Linda Fisher Thornton In this 5-part "What is Meaningful Leadership?" series, we'll look at 5 different aspects of meaningful leadership, each one revealing opportunities for leader awareness and growth. In Part 1, we'll look at the importance of creating meaningful work settings.

Fear is a Poor Advisor (Moving Us Away From Ethical Thinking To Protect Us)

By Linda Fisher Thornton When we make decisions based on FEAR, our brains switch on the lower-level processor - which makes decisions based on a FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT response. The decision-making power of that part of our brain is extremely limited, turning our thoughts to lower level responses like "RUN!" or "HIT THEM FIRST." Obviously, ethical decisions must be based on better thinking than "RUN" and "HIT THEM FIRST." Our fear response takes us into PROTECT and DEFEND mode, and that mode causes us to shelter in place, retrench and protect our own interests. It drastically restricts the breadth of our thinking and doesn't give much energy to our impact - what our choices will do to others.

Leaders, Why You Need Disequilibrium (Part 2)

By Linda Fisher Thornton This post is Part 2 in a series. In case you missed the first one, here is 450th Post: Leaders, Why You Need Disequilibrium (Part 1). In the first post, I explored why leaders need to embrace disequilibrium. In Part 2, I explore how disequilibrium helps leaders deal with catastrophic change. Disequilibrium Drives Adaptation Accepting disequilibrium instead of trying to fight it, we can turn our attention to figuring things out as the landscape changes around us.

Will 2018 Be The Year?

By Linda Fisher Thornton As a global community, we have learned some things this year. Business leaders have learned that ethical leadership transforms organizational metrics. Global citizens have learned that values are the most important defining characteristics of nations, and if we don't operate from a base of values we descend into conflict and chaos.  Perhaps 2018 will be THE YEAR.

Leaders Are Culture Caretakers: 10 Actions For Success

By Linda Fisher Thornton There are many ways to understand culture, and some of the definitions are very complicated. My favorite way to think about culture is as an infrastructure or scaffolding that supports the behaviors we want. Culture drives what people do, and is the setting and framework for great work.

Let’s Talk About Trust

By Linda Fisher Thornton In January of each year, Trust Across America-Trust Around the World announces its annual list of trust thought leaders. I recently received the news that I am in the 2016 Top Thought Leaders in Trust! To celebrate the news, I am sharing a collection of some of my favorite blog posts about trust building. Use these posts and the questions they raise in your meaningful conversations about how to improve the trust in your workplace.

10 Things Trustworthy Leaders Know…

By Linda Fisher Thornton This week the Alliance of Trustworthy Business Experts from Trust Across America-Trust Around the World is holding a social media awareness campaign called #Trustgiving2014, In support of that campaign, I am featuring 10 posts about what it means to be a trustworthy leader. They include individual actions and organizational commitments that build trust. I hope you enjoy them!

Sustainability is a Mindset, Not a Job

Many businesses are gearing up for sustainability by adding a position to oversee it. Will adding a position without changing the way decisions are made actually lead to sustainable business practices within the organization? It turns out that sustainable CEOs are making…

Trends: How Businesses are Changing their Corporate Responsibility

A recent two-part article by Fast Company blogger Alice Korngold includes trends and predictions about how businesses are changing their corporate responsibility. Here is a small sample of the useful information you'll find by reading the article: "Three interrelated predictions: First,…

Leadership and Filters: Consumer Shopping Filters Have Changed

This is the first post in a new category called "Leadership and ..." which will include research, trends and new ways of thinking that impact organizational leadership. One of the interesting things in our sector, if you look at media and technology and…