Leadership and…the Cascade Stress Effect

If we use fear-based leadership, bullying, command-and-control leadership, belittling, sabotage or other forms of psychological violence, or allow them to be used by others in our organizations, we create the opposite of a supportive, productive learning organization. We create an environment of toxic stress that harms people and the organization. LeadinginContext.com

Ethical Businesses Prevent Workplace Bullying

There is a growing body of research across disciplines that shows that the impact of our interpersonal behavior as leaders is important than we ever imagined. The ways that we can help or harm people as a leader directly relate to the health of our businesses, and the well-being of our employees and co-workers.

Curiosity and Imagination Necessary Ingredients in Ethical Business

What happens in business environments where curiosity and imagination flourish? How are curiosity and imagination related to ethics and business leadership? How are curiosity and imagination important in today's business environment?

Ethical Leadership: C-Suite Problems Should Be Corrected Quickly

Why Does C-Suite Behavior Matter So Much? C-Suite behavior matters because people do what they see the senior leaders do. If employees see dysfunctional behaviors among senior leaders, they assume that there is complete acceptance of those dysfunctional behaviors throughout the organization and see it as a "green light" for them to use those same behaviors whenever they like.

Leadership and…Making Responsible Choices

5 Ways to Make Responsible Choices. Author's Note: This week's post is designed as a discussion-starter for leader groups and leadership classes. To use it that way, have each leader read the articles in advance, then discuss how to apply the 5 Ways when you gather as a group.

Ethical Leadership: Perceptions of “Different” Impact Our Behavior

"DIFFERENT" How we think  as leaders directly impacts our behavior.  It compels us to act based on the value judgements we make. Today's post focuses on how we perceive "different,"  how our perceptions change our leadership, and how our leadership changes the work environment in ways…

Five Unintended Consequences of Linear Problem-Solving

Systems Are Not Linear When solving complex business problems, it helps to remember that systems (including organizations) are not linear. Thinking of them as linear leads to easier one-dimensional decisions but ignores these things that we know about systems: systems are dynamic systems are adaptive systems have complex contexts (they connect with many other systems) Unintended Consequences of Linear Problem-Solving

Trends: How Businesses are Changing their Corporate Responsibility

A recent two-part article by Fast Company blogger Alice Korngold includes trends and predictions about how businesses are changing their corporate responsibility. Here is a small sample of the useful information you'll find by reading the article: "Three interrelated predictions: First,…

Collaborative Leadership is the New App

Collaborative leadership includes such broad skills as trust building and using systems thinking in solving problems. While it has been discussed primarily in public policy settings and science classes in the past, leadership programs around the world are now offering entire courses in collaborative leadership. The idea of collaborative leadership as essential in today's complex business world is catching on. It is being seen as a source of competitive advantage for those organizations who are embracing it and using it well.

Research Ties Ethics to Business Success

Research Ties Ethics to Business Success    This article provides highlights of the research by Dr. Michael McCuddy, who was honored as having written the best ethics or business law paper of 2007 by the International Journal of Business and Economics. For New Blog…

Great Article About What Went Wrong Ethically in the Economic Collapse

Take a look at this article at ethisphere.com. It is a compelling read for those who are interested in the link between business ethics and the economic collapse.   For New Blog Posts, visit LeadinginContext.com/Blog For more, see new book 7 Lenses and the 21 Question…