“Respectful Workplaces” Video

New Video Explains the Importance of Respect in the Workplace

Today’s post features a video for leaders that is currently available at no cost in an effort to educate leaders about the importance of building respectful workplaces.

And Highlights Recent Research About Ethical Leadership 

“The Evolving Leadership Context: Respectful Workplaces”  is a 5-minute leadership training video that ” explains how the latest research raises the stakes for leaders and changes how we think about respect in the workplace.”

Just released on November 4, 2011, the video is a simple one with a powerful message. Here are excerpts from the November 4 Press Release:

“The Evolving Leadership Context: Respectful Workplaces” Video Released

Richmond, Virginia—November 4, 2011  New Video Illustrates the Importance of “Respectful Workplace Behavior”

As a companion to the Graphic “Ethical Interpersonal Behavior” Leading in Context LLC has released a new leadership training video that explains how the latest research raises the stakes for leaders and changes how we think about respect in the workplace.

The video walks leaders through how the context for leadership is changing and what we now know from  research about  the importance of building a respectful workplace. Human Resource Managers, Chief Learning Officers and CEOs will find that this information is compelling and will want their leaders to be aware of it.

“It just might change how you think about leadership”

To download the video, visit  the Leading in Context Digital Store at Payloadz.com

How to Use This Video

This 5-minute video has discussion questions at the end and is designed to be used with leader groups of all kinds – in classes, in leadership training, in meetings, at planning retreats, etc.

How to Provide Feedback

Post your comments to let me know how you like this Leading in Context™ Publication, and to let me know what other “grey areas” of ethical leadership you would like to hear more about.

Please let me know how this video has been useful to you in educating leaders, starting discussions about respect at work, and building respectful cultures.


For more, see new book 7 Lenses and the 21 Question Assessment: How Current is My Message About Ethics?

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