10 Forces Fueling the Values-Based Leadership Movement

By Linda Fisher Thornton

I believe that values-based leadership is gaining momentum. Recently I was asked to explain why I think so, and I thought I would share my answer in today’s blog post. Here are a number of trends that I see that are working together to fuel the movement toward leading with positive values.

Values-based leadership is gaining momentum, and it’s fueled by a convergence of positive trends.

These forces are coming from various directions and perspectives, all leading toward positive, proactive values-based leadership. See if you recognize any of them, and feel free to comment with your additions to the list.


ValuesBased Leadership TrendsFINALCrop


How do forward-thinking leaders define “doing well?” They don’t define it as simply reaching financial projections and avoiding lawsuits.  They define it as always leading with values. They define success in terms of mutual benefit – creating shared value for multiple stakeholders and making a positive difference. 



For more, see 7 Lenses  and the related 21 Question Assessment: How Current is My Message About Ethics?

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  1. A very interesting read and a timely identification of trends that were for quite a long time, conspicuous by their absence. We were, it would seem, all caught up in this feverish helter-skelter towards what can only be described as, “self-destruct. There was and is a clear absence of the moral-directives that emanate from the ethically-driven values you refer to but it was not “cool” to speak of such nor, indeed, state or imply that at some level they might be incorporated into our principles of leadership.

    A difficulty arises, of course, when we expand our horizons and try and comprehend how values differ and vary cross-culturally and, therefor encounter the difficulty of measuring the diverse interpretations of, “Successful outcomes” or the “Success Factor”, when applied across social, political and economic activities. As we all know an action that might be considered a “Successful outcome” in one country can be viewed as political chicanery of terror in another. How then do we arrive at a measure of good or successful leadership across those cultural and political differences and contradictions.

    The great and positive usefulness of a forum such as this is that it allows us to identify, consider and address these issues and if we are to have a successful outcome, which is our earness wish, then it will emerge from an appreciation of the respect and attention we offer to the varying views and opinions.

    Thank you for welcoming me into your Group.


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