Wishing You Renewal

By Linda Fisher Thornton

By Linda Fisher Thornton

As you enter the holiday season and 2021 comes to a close, I wish you a season of personal renewal.

  • We have all lost something, whether it be time, independence, social interaction, a sense of safety, or good health.
  • We have all been through a difficult time together. May it bring us closer together in understanding one another’s challenges.

During this time of reflection, spiritual renewal, and celebration, take stock of where you are and where you want to be.

As you reconnect with family and friends, remember that you have the ability to hold strong beliefs while still respecting the needs and interests of others.

  • Throughout the global pandemic, we have all gained a clearer understanding of the connectedness of our societies and our shared future.
  • We have also seen the damage caused by careless words, beliefs of convenience, and short-term thinking.

During this time of connection with others, reflect on the values we share, not the ones that differ.

We can choose to stay aware of our impact on others. There is much more to do, but we can remain steadfast in our purpose, positive in our thinking, and hopeful for better days ahead.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

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