Apologies – Today’s Previous Posts Sent in Error

Leading in Context Subscribers, The posts that went out earlier today were intended for Twitter and were posted on the Leading in Context Blog in error. The problem has now been corrected and the unscheduled posts have been deleted from…

“Dial it Back” (Over-Solving Problems Can Be Unethical)

By Linda Fisher Thornton Sometimes out of fear, convenience, profit (or marketing promises) we use a solution that goes way beyond what is necessary to solve the problem. There are broad ethical implications of over-solving problems, and this post will explore some of them.

10 Thinking Traps (That Ethical Leaders Avoid)

Avoid These 10 Thinking Traps What are some of the thinking traps that we fall into as leaders? I'm not referring to "correlation versus causation" and other logical reasoning problems. There are some common ways of thinking about business leadership that…

What is Conscious Capitalism?

By Linda Fisher Thornton What is Conscious Capitalism? In last week's post, I explored how Ethics Means Acting Beyond Self Interest. This week, I’ll explore the same question at the organizational level. What are an organization’s ethical responsibilities? How is conscious…

“Ethics” Means Acting Beyond Self-Interest

By Linda Fisher Thornton "Ethics" Means Acting Beyond Self-Interest Ethics is fundamentally about acting beyond our own self-interests. Can we be ethical without considering others and acting in ways that benefit them? Here are some interesting questions and quotes on the subject.

Differences or Inclusion – Which Are We Focusing On?

Diversity can be Divisive When we talk about diversity, we are noticing differences. That may not seem like a profound statement at first, but think about it for a moment. Diversity is about having different types of employees, right? And that's a good thing for productivity and innovation, isn't it? It is a good thing. But it's not enough. Managing diversity without inclusion as the ultimate goal can make a big difference in the way employees experience our organization.

Developing the Ethical Leader of the Future

by Linda Fisher Thornton On Thursday, I spoke about The Future of Ethics and Business Leadership at the Richmond SHRM Strategic Leadership Conference. My lens was leadership development - how to help leaders be ready to lead ethically in a highly complex, connected future. Here are some success principles for developing "Ethical Leader Future:"

5 More Ways to Avoid the “Rightness” Trap

By Linda Fisher Thornton 5 More Ways to Avoid the "Rightness" Trap The comments kept coming! Here here are 5 More Ways to Avoid the "Rightness" Trap based on social media responses to Is Needing to Be "Right" Unethical? They are each illustrated here with quotes.

10 Ways to Avoid the “Rightness” Trap

10 Ways to Avoid the "Rightness" Trap There were quite a few responses to last week's post about "rightness, Is Needing to Be "Right" Unethical?, which seemed to strike a chord with readers. These are just 10 of the themes raised by readers in their comment. Collectively, these themes represent 10 ways to avoid falling into the "rightness" trap.